Business Meeting

Services offered


Financial Accounting

  • Annual Financial Statements (IFRS for SME)

  • Full bookkeeping

  • Management Reporting

  • Budget preparations

  • Cash-flow forecasting

  • Setup of complete initial accounting function



  • Income tax returns (ITR12, ITR14, IT12EI, ITR12T)

  • Provisional tax returns

  • Payroll

  • Monthly EMP201 returns (PAYE, UIF and SDL)

  • Employement Tax Incentive (ETI)

  • Dividends Withholding tax returns (DWT)

  • Bi-Annual and Annual EMP501 Reconciliations

  • Value-Added-Tax returns (VAT)

  • Tax Planning

  • Advisory

  • Tax Clearance Certificates

  • Tax Directives

  • Disputes (NOO and ADR)

  • Compromise offers

Company Statutory and Secretarial

  • All company amendments

  • CIPC Annual returns

  • Workmens Compensation returns (WCA)

  • Employment Equity returns (EE)

  • Share certificates and registers

Tablet & Coffee


  • New Pty Ltd registrations

  • New Inc. registrations

  • New NPO, NPC registrations

  • Income tax registrations

  • PAYE, UIF and SDL registrations

  • VAT registrations

  • Workmens Compensation returns through Department of Labour

  • Workmens Compensation returns through FEM

  • PBO Tax Exemption registrations

  • Importers and Exporters code registrations